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Pet Portraits

That sentimental something

Getting a portrait of a pet truly is something very unique. Many people love to capture a memory that will last the test of time & there's no better way than to cherish the ones you love, that includes your pet. If you wish to get a pet portrait done all you need to do is send a photo to me of reasonable quality & from there we discuss the size & price range you have in mind.


Commission Artwork

Just for you

Commission work is an exciting way to get something you want tailor made to your liking. During commission work clients receive updates on how their piece is turning out. They can choose the background colours, size and medium of their commission. All you need to do is get in touch to discuss what it is you would like. Take a look through some sample work for ideas.

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Pet Portraits

From pet portraits to your favourite animal, why not get a painting that is unique to you? There's nothing more sincere to the skill of art than a one off original which is handmade with care & passion, something truly sentimental. Get it made the way you like it to fit any space.


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