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Ongoing Art Lessons

Private Tuition: Service


Ongoing Art Lessons

Get a more in depth experience with in person expert advice & guidance just for you. Go at your own pace. Whether you are starting as a beginner or want to see significant improvements to your art skills, I provide enriching one to one tutorials to support you with your goal. 

My experience as an art teacher has allowed me to build up a wealth of knowledge in a variety of mixed media so, whether you want to work with ink, pastels, acrylic, watercolor or improve drawing skills, there are a range of techniques & processes I teach. 

Sessions are created around you, for you.

*Location of your choice

*Materials Included

*Free consultation to start

Choose from; 

2hr sessions: $45per hour 

4week 2hr sessions: $345

6week 2hr sessions: $500

Private Tuition: Text
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